Luxury Fantasy Swords by Marto

Pictures of Luxury Fantasy Swords by Marto Toledo. Licensed movie and fantasy swords, weapons and armor. Swords from Conan, Highlander, Xena, Hercules, Peter Pan, Zorro, Excalibur...
Beautiful Dark fantasy swords. One of the swords was mae in cooperation with the famous Luis Royo.

 Licensed sword from the original Conan movies with Arnie.

 Sword created by Marto in cooperation with Luis Royo, the legendary author of fantasy art.

Sword of the Four Horsemen
Sword of apocalypse riders. Huge 53 inches long sword with an apocalyptic motif, decorated by 24K gold.

Sword of the Hell Guardian
 Huge dark fantasy sword decorated by gold, demonic motif.

Excalibur Sword
 Famous sword pulled out of stone by King Arthur. Symbol of Camelot knights. Gold and silver decorated sword from legends.

Sword fo Xena, the Warrior Princess
Sword of Xena. Licensed swords exactly as seen in the Xena TV series with Lucy Lawless.

Sword of Hercules
 Licensed fantasy sword from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys with Kevin Sorbo.

Dragon katana of Immortals, Highlander

Famous samurai sword worn by Connor MacLeod (Chris Lambert), an immortal hero in Highlander movies.

Sword of Hook from Peter Pan
Sword worn by Captain Hook (Jason Isaacs) in Peter Pan movie 2003. Beautiful rapier sword, 24K gold plated.

Rapier sword of Zorro

Fast rapier sword worn by Antonio Banderas in Zorro.

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