Ice crystals photo

Photo of ice crystals

Wonderful NASA photos 2008

Enjoy these wonderful NASA photos of 2008. Earth 2008 from space view.

NASA January 2008 photo - Dubai shore with new buildings

NASA February 2008 photo- Sand from Morocco over the Atlantic ocean

NASA March 2008 photo - The Wilkins Ice Shelf disintegration

NASA April 2008 photo - 12km car test speed circuit from space Nardo, Italy

NASA May 2008 photo - Cyclone Nargis over Burma. 120 000 people dies.

NASA June 2008 photo - Flooded city Gulfport, Illinois, USA

NASA July 2008 photo - Hurricane Bertha Atlantic

NASA August 2008 photo - Mesospheric polar clouds space view (over Mongolia)

NASA September 2008 photo - Wonderful photo of Amazon river from ISS

NASA October 2008 photo - Autumn orange colors from NASA - NE USA

NASA November 2008 photo - California burning - Smoke over Pacific ocean

NASA December 2008 photo - Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi snow cap.


Winter Prague - Merry Chrismas and Happy New Year

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from winter Prague.

Winter Prague

Prague Christmas - Old Town Square

Winter Charles bridge - one of the oldest stone bridge in central Europe (1358)

Winter river Vltava in Prague

Prague Castle in Winter with Charles bridge

St. Vitus cathedral on Prague Castle

Prague castle

Vltava bridges, Prague - early winter

Happy new year 2009 from Prague!


Smejdik the little black devil

Smejdik, my little black demoniac cat. She is 2 years old cat. She has a great predator skills. The greatest trophy i have seen were a viper and marten.

Smejdik at home - 6 months old cat girl

Little devil - garden hunt - 1 year old

Jessica the german sheppard

Jessica is my german shepard. She is 12 years old. I found her in dog refuge in her 2years.
She is a wonderful dog. This can understand only who has his own dog friend.
4 years old Jess

11 years old Jess just after surgery operation